Murals & Paintings

Ben creates original hand painted murals to give any room the Wow! factor. He is a versatile artist who is able to paint almost anything in any style of your choosing; working with you on a specific idea you might have or an original bespoke creation that he can design especially for you. ‘A NEVER ENDING FAIRIE DREAMING’ – PAINTING - ACRYLIC – 29” X 38”- SIGNED LTD EDITION GICLEE PRINTS AVAILIBLE  1/150,  ON  CANVAS/WATERCOLOUR FINE CARTRIDGE -  160 POUNDS INC. POSTAGE AND PACKAGING
Most of Ben's work has been for children’s rooms but he is more than happy to take on any project or idea. No project is too large or too small and each one is treated with the same level of personal care and attention.

Example pic